DrDennis2Dr. Dennis Denenberg

Inspirational, motivating, dynamic, powerful, humorous, creative, captivating!  These are all words that have been used by teachers, book reviewers, parents, and conference attendees who have attended one of my speaking engagements. After being frustrated by the pop culture icons and the super-rich athletes who are displayed as heroes by our society, I have spent much of my life learning about true heroes and sharing their stories with other educators. I spent my educational career in public schools as a social studies teacher, elementary school principal, assistant superintendent, and professor. Currently, I present keynote addresses to conferences/ conventions for corporate, teacher, and parent groups. I also do teacher workshops and in-service programs. I have been called one of the most inspirational speakers in America by thousands of fans across the country. Join me in inspiring educators to bring heroes alive in the life of a child!


Here are some reviews of Dr. Denenberg’s presentations:

“Outstanding; dynamic speaker, very motivating; a great inspiration.”
– Core Knowledge National Conference (16 consecutive years)

“I have been to many conferences and have heard many speakers, but your presentation ranks as the very best.”
– Dr. Lee J. Friedman, Atlantic Public Schools

“His lively, energetic approach and engaging personality serve to bring his message home in a most memorable manner.”
– National Heritage Academies, Grand Rapids, MI (13 appearances in 8 years)

“Dennis Denenberg was inspiring; …a dynamic speaker; Dr. Denenberg was excellent.”
– A revolution in Children’s Literature National Conference

“I would strongly encourage anyone to listen to Dennis’ presentation. He is one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever heard. I guarantee you will leave with tears in your eyes and great ideas for how to bring real values and examples of what we strive to be into your classrooms. In a time when so many children look to sports figures and pop stars as heroes, Dennis will show how to teach children about real heroes…men and women who have made a difference in this world.”  -Kimberly King

“I have to say, in all honesty, in my 15 years of teaching, yours was the most meaningful workshop I’ve ever attended.”
-Michael E. Kaminski – AP US History – Delran High School, Delran. NJ

“I appreciate all the work you put into organizing and presenting highly worthwhile ideas to teachers who need a source of inspiration.  Thank you for being an inspiration; I will be using many ideas from your presentation and your book in my classroom.  -Kathy Jackson, Berkeley Heights

Dr. Denenberg has spoken in 41 states and has set as a goal all 50!