Dr. Dennis Denenberg

The cornerstone of my work is “50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet!” which I co-authored with Lorraine Roscoe. It is a 2006 Notable ChildrenÃs Trade Book, it was featured in USA Today on March 20, and I was interviewed on CNN Live in April about my award-winning work. It is an interactive ¦kid-friendly² book that motivates kids (and adults) to explore the lives of heroes at home or at school. Each page includes an important quote by each hero, a short biography about each hero, photographs; a section where readers are encouraged to extend their learning, and other books about that hero. Over 50,000 copies have already been sold!

The list of 50 heroes profiled is available here.

You can look inside to view a sample profile of Roberto Clemente (in pdf format) here.

Reviews of the book are available here.

Information on how to order the book is available here.


Dr. Denenberg is also the author of two additional books dealing with real heroes:

-”Toward A Human Curriculum: A Guide to Returning Great People to Classrooms and Homes”
(Trillium Press, 1991)

-”Hooray for Heroes! Books and Activities Kids Want to Share with Their Parents and Teachers,”
co-authored by Lorraine Roscoe (University Press, 1994)

* Numerous articles about the importance of heroes

* Two chapters: “Heroes and Heroines and Children Belong Together” in Educational Innovation: An Agenda to Frame the Future (Charles E. Greenawalt, editor; University Press of America, 1994) and “The Role of Heroes and Heroines in the American Story” in Building a Community of Citizens: Civil Society in the 21st Century (Don E. Eberly, editor; University Press of America, 1994)