Links & Partners

Cobblestone Publishing – A high-quality social studies and science magazine for young readers since 1980. Our philosophy is that nonfiction, whether it deals with American or world history, world cultures, archaeology, or science, should be a combination of fascinating pleasure reading and factual resource material that educates and enlightens. Two teachers who were looking for a way to promote reading and history to children developed the idea for COBBLESTONE magazine in 1979. Cobblestone Publishing’s six theme-based nonfiction magazines let young people experience the pleasure of reading through an accurate, fascinating, and authoritative resource that is appropriate in the library, the classroom, and the home.

Heroic Imagination Project – The Heroic Imagination Project (HIP) is a nonprofit organization that advances everyday heroism. At HIP, they believe everyone has the potential to transform the private virtue of compassion into the civic virtue of heroic action, and they are dedicated to helping individuals internalize and express their Ïheroic imaginationÓ in service to humanity.

School Social Studies Services – The leading supplier of social studies materials for schools and anyone interested in social studies materials is featuring our book on its 2004 catalogue cover. Go to the website to see what SSSS is saying about our book.

My Hero – This site allows you to share both your REAL famous hero and your personal UNSUNG hero with the world. Visit the site and become part of a national effort to focus on heroes.

Jonathan Sprout – Want to sing about REAL heroes? This talented musician and songwriter has two excellent CDs/tapes about great American heroes. Once you hear them, you’ll be singing them yourself.

A History of US – History – boring? NEVER AGAIN when you read the very best “history as a story” ever written for kids (and adults, too). Joy Hakim’s A History of US has won major awards and in January 2003 became a PBS series. Joy wrote the forward to our 1st book, and Dr. Denenberg proudly proclaims he is president of the Joy Hakim Fan Club.

Cicero Systems – A division of the American Institute for History Education, we’re passionate about education and 21st century learning. We believe education needs to adapt to keep pace with the technology revolution of the past few decades. We need to find new ways to educate our youth that better prepares them for their future.

National History Day – Join in the effort to ignite excitement about history in young people by participating in National History Day. It is a fantastic country-wide program in which students become historians and create amazing projects to bring history alive.