Helen Keller (1880-1968)

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by Amy Shirk

Sung to the tune of “Red River Valley”

Helen Keller was born very healthy,
But at two years of age she got sick.
And she lost both her sight and her hearing,
But her mind was quite fine, she was quick.

Helen’s parents just could not control her.
So they sent for some help, a teacher.
That is when they met Annie Sullivan,
The one person they thought could reach her.

Annie worked hard to teach Helen Keller
But she just didn’t quite understand
That the things she was touching had labels.
They were words Annie spelled in her hand.

‘Til one day at the pump for some water
Helen touched it and she realized
That the words Teacher spelled had a meaning
And that’s when Helen was vitalized.

Now she learned oh so much very quickly.
Teacher spelled in her hand many things.
And she learned how to read, write, and study.
That’s the day Helen’s soul got its wings.
She went on to a school for blind children,
But that wasn’t enough for her mind
She continued and went to a college
Just for girls who were NOT deaf or blind.

She wrote books, she performed in a movie.
She met presidents, even same kings.
Helen worked hard to help many people,
And she studied and 1earned many things.

Helen’s life can be your inspiration
That despite many obstacles, you
Can achieve anything if you try hard
With some work all your dreams can come true.

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